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Welcoming Parker Boats to the Boat House Family

By Marshall Nicholson | Aug 11, 2023 | Fishing, Parker Boats, Uncategorized

Parker Boats now Available at The Boat House Florida Locations.


We’re honored to announce Parker Offshore has joined The Boat House Group’s lineup of premium brands in Southwest Florida. Parker’s rich history, unwavering values, and unparalleled craftsmanship have made Parker a unique brand perfect for our customers here in beautiful Southwest Florida. 


Step aboard the 2801CC by Parker Boats.
2801CC by Parker Boats.

Discover the Legacy of Strength, Simplicity, and Seaworthiness: Parker’s Unmatched Boat Lineup 

     Since its inception in 1969, the Parker brand has been synonymous with qualities that boaters hold dear: Strength, Simplicity, and Seaworthiness. Nestled in the heart of Beaufort, North Carolina, along the coastal Outer Banks, Parker has been crafting exceptional center consoles and sport cabins that have captured the hearts of boat owners, adventurers, and recreational enthusiasts around the world. 

Tradition: A Foundation Built to Last 

     Parker’s journey began in a place where tradition runs deep. The coastal Outer Banks of Beaufort, North Carolina, has a legacy of over 200 years in hand-crafted, custom boat building. It’s an area that knows the demands of the sea intimately, earning it the moniker “The Graveyard of Atlantic.” Within this challenging environment, Parker was born, setting its foundation on the enduring values of tradition, craftsmanship, and seaworthiness. 

Parker Boats 26CC
26CC by Parker Boats

Strength: Forging Ahead with Confidence 

     The significance of strength cannot be understated when it comes to Parker boats. From its early days, Parker embraced time-tested techniques in lamination, robust stainless-steel hardware, and reinforced hull construction. These elements weren’t just about creating boats that could take you where you wanted to go, but about creating vessels that could withstand the tests of time, offering a lifetime of rugged fish-ability and enjoyment. 

Simplicity: A Philosophy of Excellence 

     Linwood Parker, the founder of Parker, brought a simple philosophy to the forefront of the brand’s ethos. He understood the value of honesty, hard work, and doing things right. These values are reflected in every boat that bears the Parker name, emphasizing straightforward design, lasting value, and a commitment to providing boat enthusiasts with vessels that prioritize functionality and ease of use. 

 Seaworthiness: Born from Necessity 

     The coastal waters of Beaufort, North Carolina, are not forgiving, and Parker’s boats have been built to meet this challenge head-on. Born out of necessity and honed through years of experience, Parker boats are designed to be seaworthy, versatile, and reliable. This commitment to seaworthiness is a testament to Linwood Parker’s background as a commercial fisherman and builder of custom commercial boats. 

2801CC by Parker Boats
2801CC by Parker Boats

Crafting Excellence: From Past to Present 

     Parker’s dedication to excellence continues to shine through its modern 225,000-square-foot production facility, one that rivals the best in the industry. From initial design and prototyping to construction, assembly, testing, and shipping, every step of the boat-building process is meticulously executed in-house. The finest roll stocks and resins are used in hand-laid construction, and the deck hardware is secured with stainless steel bolts. This attention to detail is the hallmark of every Parker boat, a dedication to quality that’s been preserved through generations. 


A Part of the Correct Craft Family 

     In 2019, Parker became a proud member of the Correct Craft family. This strategic move aligned Parker with a company that values culture and places emphasis on people, performance, and philanthropy. The integration into this family has only reinforced Parker’s commitment to delivering excellence and value to its customers. 


Embrace the Legacy, Choose Parker 

     With 96 years of excellence in the marine industry and a legacy steeped in tradition, craftsmanship, and a commitment to customers, Parker stands as a beacon of strength, simplicity, and seaworthiness. Whether you’re an avid boater, adventurer, or recreational enthusiast, choosing a Parker boat means choosing a vessel that embodies the values that matter most. Visit our website to explore the lineup, learn more about each model we carry, and discover why Parker is the brand of choice for those who seek quality, reliability, and lasting value. 


24CC by Parker Boats
24CC by Parker Boats


1801CC by Parker Boats
1801CC by Parker Boats

Discover the excellence of Parker Boats with The Boat House Group 

     Dive into a world of innovation, craftsmanship, and performance that will redefine your boating experience. Whether you’re a fishing enthusiast, a leisure cruiser, or seeking unforgettable family moments on the water, Parker Boats has something for everyone. Visit us in Cape Coral, Naples, and Port Charlotte and step aboard the stunning Parker Boats lineup firsthand. Our experienced team is here to guide you through the features that make these boats truly exceptional. In the meantime, visit us online at boathouseh2o.com to view various models and available inventory and also learn more about Parker Boats at www.parkerboats.com.



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