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Boat Protection

The Boat House Extended Service Contract

The Boat House offers protection for your boat and motor, with coverage that is customized to meet your specific needs. Our efficient in-house claims processing ensures a smooth experience for you, and we add value to your boat by safeguarding it against repairs that are beyond your control. Our coverage is transferable. Plus, our policies can put money back in your pocket when it comes to necessary repairs, giving you peace of mind while you’re out on the water.

Ultimar MidWest

Exterior Protection: Our solution guards against a range of external threats, including UV damage, industrial fallout, bird droppings, acid rain, bug damage, and hard water etching.

Antimicrobial Defense: Our product also provides effective protection for your interior surfaces. It prevents the growth of mold, mildew, and fungi that can lead to odors and staining. In addition, it inhibits bacteria growth and is EPA-registered/certified.

Upholstery Shield: Our upholstery protection is designed to keep your interior looking pristine. It shields against stains, spills, small tears, punctures, dye transfers, burns, and UV damage.

Ultimar Florida

Celebrate your investment with Ultimar Service Protection. This product is applied to your boat to protect the interior and exterior from some of Southwest Florida’s harshest conditions. Contact us to learn more about this incredible product!

Vantage Wrap

The outer edge of any pontoon is prone to damage due to its design. The Pontoon Guard is here to protect your tubes from common damage.

The Vantage Pontoon Combo Kit is your solution to keeping your pontoons looking new. Even if your tubes are already scratched, this kit can cover those scratches and prevent future damage. The Vantage Pontoon Combo Kit gives your pontoon a special, custom look.

Why Finance with Us

At The Boat House, we’ve built strong connections with numerous lenders, ranging from small local credit unions to prominent nationwide banks. This grants us exclusive access to the most competitive offers in marine lending currently accessible in the market.

Tire and Wheel

This insurance safeguards both your trailer and the vehicle you use for towing. It provides coverage for the repair or replacement of rims and tires in the event of damage from road hazards. It’s an affordable option that offers 7 years of protection. With a 24/7 hotline at your disposal, you’re covered no matter where you are in the United States. In the event of an issue, a service team will come to your location to assist you and your family, ensuring you can continue your journey without disruption.

Gap Insurance

Should your boat be declared a total loss and your insurance payout falls short of what you owe, this coverage steps in to bridge the gap. It offers reassurance for the worst-case scenario, providing peace of mind when you need it most.

Premium Maintenance Midwest

Exclusively available to our valued customers, we understand that boat maintenance is an integral aspect of boat ownership. We present you with the unique opportunity to secure today’s prices for future maintenance needs, tailored to the specific requirements of your boat.

Our team of certified technicians is dedicated to the care and well-being of your boat, offering the convenience of spring drop-off and fall pick-up. This not only saves you both time and money but also provides you with the flexibility of a one-time payment with the option to renew the service.

Premium Maintenance Florida

The Boat House Maintenance Plan provides you, as our newest boat owners, the opportunity to guarantee your boat’s essential maintenance services at today’s rate. Our prepaid options are tailored by location of where you do your boating. In Florida waters, your coverages include trailer, lift, and launch optional upgrades. In the lakes, storage, winterization, and summerization upgrades are available to you. All plans run parallel with your factory warranty requirements providing the peace of mind you need to maintain your boat running efficiently.


Enjoy continuous 24/7 GPS tracking for your boat, accessible through a user-friendly app at any time. No need to worry about annual or monthly fees, as it’s fee-free. This reliable system comes with a 5-year guarantee. This self-contained unit operates independently and doesn’t require a connection to your boat’s power source, ensuring it transmits location data without interruption. In case of theft, you can rely on it to aid in the recovery of your boat. Prioritizing your family’s safety is very important. If your boat is shared with friends and family, this tracking system allows you to conveniently monitor its location.

Pro Shop

Our inventory includes a diverse range of accessories and equipment for your new boat. Find all your essentials for a fantastic day on the water conveniently under one roof, including life jackets, surfboards, and more.

Marine Protection Program

Imagine a world where your boating adventures are pure joy, where the only thing on your mind is the open water ahead. Welcome to the world of worry-free boating, courtesy of Boat House Marine Protection Group. Whether you’re enjoying the beautiful waterways along the warm Florida shores, exploring the picturesque rivers of Iowa, or relishing the tranquil lakes of Wisconsin, we’re here to enhance your boating experience.