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The Boat House Naples Named 2023 Great Dealership to Work For

By Alyssa Fiscelli | Dec 21, 2023 | Boat Ownership, Boating Lifestyle, Lifestyle on the Water

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) has once again recognized excellence in the marine industry, naming The Boat House Naples as one of the Great Dealerships to Work For during the prestigious Dealer Week. The announcement was made at the association’s annual conference and expo, held from December 4-7 in Tampa, Florida.

The Boat House Naples Named 2023 Great Dealership to Work For


The Boat House Naples, under the leadership of General Manager Jeremy Eck, proudly accepted this accolade for the second consecutive year. Eck expressed his gratitude, saying, “We’re honored to receive this award for the second year running. Huge kudos to our exceptional team for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions!” FACEBOOK VIDEO 

This recognition is part of the MRAA Certified Dealership Program, which evaluates dealerships based on various criteria, including employee satisfaction. Twenty-two dealerships earned the distinction by achieving an overall score of 90 percent or higher on the program’s annual Employee Satisfaction Survey. Administered anonymously through the MRAA, the survey comprises 32 ranking questions covering aspects such as customer relations, employee satisfaction, leadership, management, and reputation.

Following the meticulous completion of the Employee Satisfaction Survey through the MRAA Certified Dealership Program, participating dealerships are rewarded with a detailed and comprehensive 13-page report. This thorough report encapsulates a multifaceted analysis of various aspects, ranging from customer relations and employee satisfaction to leadership, management, and overall reputation. It serves as a valuable roadmap, offering a nuanced understanding of the dealership’s strengths and areas that may warrant enhancement.

The subsequent phase involves a collaborative effort within the dealership as the entire team assembles to delve into the insights unveiled by the survey. This gathering is more than just a routine meeting; it is a pivotal moment where team members, from frontline staff to management, come together to scrutinize the findings. The aim is not only to recognize the areas where the dealership has excelled but also to pinpoint opportunities for improvement that can contribute to the ongoing evolution of the organization.

As the team collectively strategizes to refine internal processes and bolster employee satisfaction, the overarching goal is to create an environment where every team member feels valued and motivated. The survey report acts as a catalyst for positive change, providing actionable insights that guide the implementation of initiatives aimed at fostering a workplace culture that attracts, retains, and nurtures top talent.

Stevie Cook, MRAA Certification Specialist, emphasized the significance of earning the Great Dealership to Work For award, stating, “Earning a Great Dealership to Work For award is not an easy task, but we had more than 20 dealerships on our list again this year.” Despite facing challenges such as marketplace conditions, inventory issues, and evolving customer demands, these 22 dealerships demonstrated a commitment to building a winning culture, investing in employee satisfaction, and striving to be a workplace of choice.

All the recipients of the Great Dealership to Work For award were recognized during the Awards Luncheon at Dealer Week, with every awardee receiving recognition on stage. Sixteen of the honored dealerships attended the conference, and many also submitted videos showcasing their achievements.

The MRAA’s mission is centered on the belief that for the marine industry to thrive, the retail organizations that engage with boaters in their communities must thrive as well. The association works towards fostering a robust and healthy boating industry by uniting retailers, providing opportunities for improvement and growth, and advocating for their interests with a powerful voice.

For more information about the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas, individuals can visit MRAA.com or contact the association at 763-315-8043. The MRAA remains dedicated to supporting and advancing the marine industry, ensuring that dealerships like The Boat House Naples continue to be exemplary workplaces in the years to come.

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