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New Boats For Sale, Cape Coral

Cape Coral is a prime boating location. Between the beautiful canals and easy access to open water, the city is a boaters’ and sailors’ paradise. Owning a boat gives you access to this entire playground!

While our Boat Club is a great option for people who don’t want the costs of ownership, having your own boat may be a better choice if you are a serious boater who wants to be out on the water every day.

Our boats are, for the most part, versatile and easy to handle. Deck boats are perfect for new boaters or for people with kids who might want to learn to drive the boat. They’re equally good for fishing and towing.

The Boat House carries a variety of brands, including Nautique, Supra, and Monaco. 

Choose between the Cobalt R4 bowrider, the Sportsman 267 Masters OE center console, the Hurricane 2600 SD deck boat, etc.

Financing Options Available in Cape Coral

As a Cape Coral boat dealer, we know that a new boat can be a substantial cost. 

Because of this, we offer flexible financing to all of our buyers. 

See how our flexible loan terms fit your budget, with low down payment and no money down options. 

You can get pre-approved through our online application process, so you know how much boat you can afford before you actually look through our inventory.

We also accept trade-ins and will provide a fair market value for your current boat. Financing your boat also keeps the money free over time for other investments, which might exceed the interest paid on your boat loan.

Boat Protection Plans Available For Cape Coral

Our dealership offers high-quality maintenance and repairs, and because of this, we offer boat protection options. 

We can apply the Ultimar product to your boat’s interior and exterior before it leaves the yacht. This protects your boat against things like UV damage, bird droppings, bug damage, and interior stains and spills.

We also provide insurance, including tire and wheel insurance for your trailer and towing vehicle, gap insurance to help if your boat is totaled, and marine protection services.

Finally, we provide a premium maintenance plan. You can lock in your maintenance costs at today’s prices, and our plans are designed to complement the factory warranty. This also helps you keep your boat running smoothly, reducing costs in the long run.

Other Services We Provide

We are your primary source for everything from routine maintenance to major repairs and overhauls and can service a wide range of boat brands and types. See our inventory of boat parts and accessories both in our Cape Coral store and online.

We also offer professional boat detailing and bottom painting services, winterization and summerization, and engine repowers. 

Going out of town? See our boat storage options that include everything from outdoor storage to valet in and out for your boat and trailer.

Our boat club is a way to enjoy boat ownership without the commitment of owning a boat. You can use any of our boats from any of our launch points in prime boating spots. 

Enjoy our thriving community and not having to worry about boat maintenance.

Find the Boat You Deserve With Us

If you are purchasing a new boat in Cape Coral, Florida, you are starting an adventure that will take you through canals and bays, out on the open ocean, and up river to Fort Myers. 

Your boat is a great way to get to the aquatic preserves and state parks, as well as fish, cruise, and enjoy watersports. 

If you are in the market for a new boat, contact The Boat House in Cape Coral today.