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Introducing the G23 Paragon – The Next Level is Here

By Tyler Kraft | Oct 09, 2019 | Inboard



The industry’s first luxury performance wake boat, the Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon, was born out of a desire to achieve the highest-level imaginable. Offering the very best in styling and amenities, this luxurious wake boat takes must-haves to the next level. The G23 Paragon delivers unparalleled performance, style and craftsmanship with high-end refinements built in concert with the best wakesurf and wakeboard wakes the world has ever seen. Experience unrivaled innovation, exotic styling and refined luxury which are all hallmarks of this first-of-its-kind G23 Paragon. From the very first time you lay eyes on the Paragon to the moment you step onboard, the feeling remains: the next level is here.


One look at the striking hull design of the Super Air Nautique G23 Paragon and you realize that it will command the eyes of every boater on the water. The faceted hull sides are the next iteration in the design evolution of the G-Series, creating a visual signature that is pure Nautique elegance. Aggressive styling, breath-taking features and an artfully-sculpted look that will not be mistaken for anything else, the G23 Paragon is the next-level in sheer beauty.


When stepping into the G23 Paragon, it becomes clear this boat was made to evoke an attitude of pure luxury. Spend time inside and you’ll notice that every square inch of the interior was thoughtfully designed so that your days on the water are all about pure enjoyment. From the state-of-the-art helm, to the convertible transom seats and exceptionally versatile lounge, the Paragon was built with amenities at every turn to rejuvenate your senses of what luxury entails.


The best performing wake boat ever created awaits your turn. The G23 Paragon brings the best wakesurf wave the watersports world has ever witnessed, with a perfect shape that can be completely customized to your preference. With wakeboard wakes that will satisfy the sport’s best all the way to those just looking to have fun, the G23 Paragon is the pinnacle of wake sports perfection.


Design Your Paragon Now: Build a G23 Paragon

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