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How to Dock a Boat with Twin Motors with Bill Fischer

By Marshall Nicholson | Feb 12, 2021 | Sportsman Boats, Boating Education

Your confidence is high after a smooth day out on the water, when suddenly, your faith crashes as you start to approach the dock. You think to yourself, “Please don’t let me hit.” Whether you are a new boater or an experienced pro, docking a boat can sometimes seem stressful. But it doesn’t have to be. In this video, The Boat House of Port Charlotte salesman, Bill Fischer, shows you how to properly operate and dock a boat with twin motors without touching your steering wheel.

While docking your boat, there are many contributing variables that are outside of your control, ranging from winds to current. The best method is to be mindful of your surroundings and use the wind and current to your advantage.

Bill Fischer is operating a 2020 Sportsman Center Console with twin 350 Yamaha motors. Typically, with twin applications, you do not need to touch the steering wheel while docking. You can do everything with your throttles.

When approaching the dock, approach at a slight angle. This is when it is important to keep in mind your outside factors, such as wind and current. Kick the stern over to the dock using the engines and not the steering wheel.

Always approach slowly. Bill Fischer says, “The number one thing is to only go as fast as you’re willing to hit.” Slow and steady wins this race. Having propulsion on your engine is what gives you access to maneuverability. If you are in neutral, you are losing your ability to control the boat.

Once you feel that you are safely aligned with the dock, get off the boat and tie up your cleats. Don’t forget to make sure everything is secure before shutting off your engine. It may seem intimidating to maneuver a boat with multiple engines, but it is actually easier than one might think. If you would like to spin the boat in a circle, you would put your throttle in opposite directions depending on which way you would like to go. You can put one engine forward and the other in reverse. The forward engine will run more efficiently than your engine that is in reverse. To hold in place, give your reverse engine a little bit more throttle than your forward engine.

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