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Boating 101: Docking with Eric Lundgren

By Marshall Nicholson | Jun 11, 2020 | Boat Buying, Center Console, Family Fun on the Water, Lifestyle on the Water

Docking can be stressful! Sprinkle in some wind & unexpected current and BOOM! The perfect equation for a stressful time out on the water. Docking isn’t as complicated as one would think. With a bit of practice, one can become a docking master in no time! Our VP of Sales, Eric Lundgren, explains his approach to docking in this video below!

“Most important thing as you come to a dock is to figure out your wind & current. It’s always best to dock into the wind & current so you have full control of the bow of the boat!”

One important takeaway from Eric’s “How to Dock a Boat” video is, never turn the motor off until the boat is properly secured to the dock. One never wants to lose control of the boat before ready to exit.

Learning is all about trial & error right? Ever been perpendicular with a dock? Don’t worry, most of us have too. In the video below, Eric shows us how NOT to dock a boat and then finishes off with a few key pointers on how to get out of a ‘not so great’ situation and back on course for proper dockage.

“Remember, bad docking all starts with a bad approach. Always have your nose into the wind. It makes the docking procedure much easier.”

Don’t be left hanging! One last thing Eric spotlights in this video series is how to tie up to a floating dock and also how to cleat up according to tide & current. A floating dock, like the one at our Cape Coral Dealership, adjusts with the high and low tides allowing the boat to be at the same level as it at all times.

Regular docks do not adjust with the tides and one could “hang up” their boat if not properly tied. Eric explains in more detail in the video below.

Thanks for watching our Boating 101: How to dock a Boat series! We hope you learned something. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to one of our Boat House team members.

For more videos relating to boating, feel free to subscribe to our YouTube Channel by clicking the subscribe button in one of the video above or by clicking here.

Happy Boating!

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